Find answers to the most common questions here. If your question is not answered here. Just send me a message or call. Namaste!

Do I have to book my class in advance?

Yes. With the current restrictions we have only limited spots for each class. No spontaneous drop in’s without Voranmeldung are possible at this time.

How do I book a class?

Easy! See video below. If you already have a “Punktekarte” from before but have not used the new booking system yet, please drop me a message!

I have never done yoga before, can I join your classes?

Of course you can! Everyone is new in the beginning and it’s completely normal. It would be best to start with our “Hatha Flow, Wake Up Yoga or Relax & De-Stress classes to get familiar with yoga in a more beginner friendly tempo.

Are the classes only in English? Do I have to speak English?!

The classes are held in English with a lot of German mixed in depending on the needs of the students. Aber mach dir keine Sorgen! Du muss nicht Englisch sprechen. Ich verstehe Deutsch sehr gut, und du kannst immer auf Deutsch mit mir sprechen.

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