Online Membership

Do you want to be able to practice guided yoga whenever it suits you from the comfort of your own home? 

If making it to an in-person class or 1:1 is:

  • out of your budget
  • not possible because your studio shut down
  • difficult with your current schedule
  • too far away from your home
  • intimidating
  • [insert any other reason here]

and/ or you want to have a strong, healthy body, a calmer mind with less repetitive thoughts & more tools to handle the stress in your life?

Then OUR Online Membership is just the right thing for you.
Making yoga a part of your daily routine can be really beneficial to achieve more balance and calm in your life, as well as a stronger and more flexible body that can carry you through the events of the day.

Included in the membership is:

  • Access to any live-streamed classes on schedule
  • An Online Library with different style classes & recordings to suit your mood that you can watch anytime (currently 60+ videos, yoga, meditation, breath-work & “how to”-videos )
  • Tips and tricks to help you with your yoga practice
  • New content added every week

You get all this for only €39/month
You can cancel anytime.

Simply download your contract here or via the button below, decide which membership option is best for you, sign it and then send it back to
By doing so you agree to have read and understood the AGB.

You will then receive a confirmation email with more details how to access classes and the Online Library.

*The Online Membership is included in all studio memberships, starting from €49/month. See price-list or download contract below to see all options.

If you don’t want to join the live classes but would like access to the large & growing video gallery you can get access to the On Demand Videos only by clicking HERE

Now you’re all set to start practice! I’m super happy that you are joining the family!

Use the email above for any questions you might have.

Much Love