Online Yoga

Online Yoga with Us

A lovely way to still practice yoga together when studios are closed, too far away, or you just love rolling out your mat in the comfort of your home.
You can drop in to our live-streamed classes to still have a feeling of community, or sign up to the Online Membership & press play on one of our 60+ classes whenever it suits you.
You never have to feel alone!

How do the Live-Streams work?

1. Sign up for your desired class in our Booking program (creating your profile is free).
2. 15 min before class starts you will get a link to join the virtual classroom via email (check your spam folder). You can also join the class at this time from the “booked events” section in the booking software.

3. The classes are held via Zoom. You can download the Zoom app for free for the best experience on you computer or smartphone, or join via your browser on your computer.

During the live class all the microphones of the students will be set on mute, only the teachers microphone will be on. You can choose if you want your video camera to be on or off during the class.

Ich freue mich sehr yoga mit Dir zu üben. See you in the Virtual world!

Free YouTube Classes
If you aren’t able to join the Online Membership or the Drop in Classes, but still want to practice with me online you can take a few classes with me on my public YouTube channel! If you enjoy the classes on YouTube please click the Subscribe button to support my video making.

Morning Yoga Routine | Full Body Stretch | 17min
A 17 minute morning sequence that stretches you whole body and gets you ready for the day. Suitable for beginners and intermediate yogis that don’t mind doing a little weight bearing on their hands. Modify as you need to and enjoy!

Full Body Yoga Flow 50 min | All levels

This all level Yoga Flow will work your whole body as well as calm your mind. Leaving you feeling more connected to yourself and your body, more relaxed and definitely stronger and more flexible. We are moving in a slow/ moderate pace so even if you are newer to yoga it’s possible to follow along. Enjoy!

Wake Up Yoga Flow | Morning Yoga | 33 min
A gentle yoga class to get you going in the morning, or anytime you want to move your body but don’t have so much time. You might find it helpful to have a block or two nearby, and perhaps a folded blanket. Suitable for beginner and intermediate yogis.

Stronger Core – Stronger YOU | 20 min Yoga for stronger Abs
This is perfect is you are short on time but still want to get a workout in. It’s also great if you already did a practice but want to add some extra core work. Do as much as you can or follow along for the whole video. Lets get stronger together!